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Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons: Piano Lessons, String Lessons, and Voice Lessons

Piano Lessons

Our youngest piano students, 4-5 year olds, participate in a specialized Suzuki curriculum. In this program, musical concepts are applied directly to the keyboard. Students learn basic piano skills through stories, games, singing along, and experiencing their own musicality through improvisation.

Older piano students, ages 6 and up are given method books that suit their strengths and interests –  classical, popular, or jazz – from the very first lesson. This is not only becoming the new standard in music education but, along with technology, is redefining how we learn.

String Lessons

Caitlin Rose Music Lessons offers weekly private violin, viola, and cello lessons.  Caitlin uses a Suzuki string method for young beginners, and then moves on to incorporate traditional classical repertoire to inspire a foundation in technique.  From there, students can branch out into folk, bluegrass, jazz, or classical music, depending on their individual goals.

Caitlin’s focus is for students to learn how to play with ease and freedom, using a tension-free technique to create a beautiful and vibrant tone from the first lesson!

Voice Lessons 

Caitlin's studio is a judgement-free zone where every aspiring vocalist can learn the fundamentals of singing - breathing, posture, diction, and knowledge of musical language and structures. These basic principles are key to strengthening the voice and performing skills.  Beginner singers are guided through the early stages of vocal progression: assisting with pitch training, developing timbre, and keeping a steady tempo.

Caitlin roots her approach in these fundamental skills, but she enjoys exploring all kinds of music with students, whether it's working on a Beatles tune, a broadway audition piece, pop song, or Mozart aria.  

One of the best - and most fun - ways to gain vocal proficiency is to perform.  Our vocalists are encouraged to pair up with instrumentalists in the studio at mini concerts, year end concerts, and other performance opportunities.

How to Get Started

Caitlin offers a one-time trial lesson which serves as a way to meet and evaluate each aspiring student for $35.  After this initial lesson, each student has an option to sign up for weekly lessons for the current semester.